Earlier this year I began researching Iodine in earnest, and discovered it is the capstone to actual health and mental acuity. In the last 70 years we have been made to fear this essential nutrient that has a documented historical resume of reversing conditions like goiter, cysts, tumors, mental retardation and much more. As a result of misconceptions, the vast majority of us are iodine-deficient, which leads to a number of conditions linked to iodine deficiency such as fibrocystic breast disease, thyroid diseases, ADHD, cancer of the thyroid, breast, ovary, prostate, endometrium, and more.

In the first hour I will explore the medical use of iodine that traces back thousands of years, and its efficacy for healing conditions that plague many people today, and I’ll share what happened in 1948 that steered three generations of doctors away from this important nutrient. You’ll learn about toxic Halides and how they undermine our Iodine levels, and I’ll discuss the Iodine protocol created by Dr Guy Abraham, M.D.

The second hour covers which iodine works best, how to take it, what to do for children, pregnancy, breast cancer, thyroid disorders, ADHD, and more. This has been a very illuminating and uplifting area of research for me and I am excited to share this treasure-trove of information with you.

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