Alanna Moore is an experienced geomancer, specializing in correcting geopathic stress created by underground streams and lines of magnetic energy. She is also a "sensitive" and communicates with spirits both human and of nature. She has authored 11 books, her latest, titled, Fairy Haunts of Ireland: A Guide to Magical, Uplifting and Supernatural Sites for Accessing the Ancient Spiritual Heritage of Ireland and Participating in her Ever-Luminous Otherworld Continuum.

In the first hour Alanna shares how she came into the art of dowsing and later founded Geomantica, the influential magazine on natural living, eco-awareness and psychic development through dowsing. She discusses the "yin" energies of the earth, the aboriginal people of Australia where she once lived, nature spirits, faerie haunts of Ireland, dowsing as communication system with the spirits of place, and more.

In the second hour Alanna focuses on the effects of electromagnetic radiation from wifi, cellphones, towers, etc. and offers ways to counter it. She is "electro-sensitive" and has researched extensively on the subject, providing an informed viewpoint on this very important issue.

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