This multi-faceted man is a wisdom keeper, teacher, healer, author and poet. Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue is deeply connected and informed by his Irish lineage and candidly shares the rich stories of his Irish roots, weaving in the mystical lore of the land of Éire. He discusses the complex role of the Church in Ireland, then shares with us his experience growing up autistic and highly intuitive. He has been initiated in the Feri Tradition and there is a wonderful story he shares about Brighid's message to him in the fire. The first hour ends with how Seán found his way to his calling as an herbalist.

In the second hour Seán discusses how he came into communication with the spirits of the plants, his teachings by the late master herbalist, Stephen Buhner, his wisdom on psilocybin as "Elders of Gaia" and more. What an honor to share his wisdom here with you. Time very well spent!


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