Chandni Rodriguez was introduced to me by dear friends and our connection was immediate. In this episode Chandni shares her wealth of wisdom on the subject of yoga. In the first hour she begins by discussing the differences between classical yoga and the "modern postural yoga" of the west. The hour flows with her wisdom on samskaras, unhooking from the way we experience suffering, her childhood growing up with a traditional Indian mother, Gurani Anjali, who was a yogi in Amityville, New York, and later opened up an Ashram in Queens, her work with her teacher, yogi Ananda Viraj, and her own rich teaching and philosophy. There are so many gems here.

I begin the second hour by asking Chandni what she would advise for the many who are suffering from depression today. The conversation flows into the rift between the sexes and how yoga philosophy would speak to that and the conversation weaves from there. Chandni lives her yoga and flows her wisdom generously.

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