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Jack Cross On Mushrooms & the Hidden Alphabet Code • Episode 36 • Free •
You may well want to listen to this episode more than once, as Jack has a sagacious understanding of the hidden code of the alphabet that will open you to the ‘hidden in plain sight’ language of illumination, though you’ll need to slow everything down and focus on what this unique soul has to say. And the title to this episode is a kind of play on words because Jack was on mushrooms for this interview, and I let him wax poetic while I soaked up every word.
As poet and entheogenic evangelist, Jack writes on his blog, The Polemics of Jack, about the Geometric structure of the English/Latin Alphabet and Logos, the Logic of Word, and the personification of. His sharp mind pierces through the veil of symbol to access the hidden gems of meaning, depth, beauty and darkness. He covers a lot of ground here so clear your calendar, get yourself comfortable, and receive and contemplate his extraordinary insights.
My wonderful publishers, Steve and Krys Crimi, have a little channel called, Good Craic. In April, we had a conversation that discussed my book, the training of the seer poets of Old Ireland, incantatory poetic transmissions, the trivium, and much more. You can listen here:
And last week I was interviewed by Vanese McNeill, executive producer of the Magical Egypt series. Vanese introduces our conversation below:
McKenna believed in the power of poetry to evoke profound shifts in consciousness and perception, probably because of its ability to convey complex emotions, experiences, and ideas in a deeply resonant and evocative manner. His phrase “deeply bardic” suggests to me poetry that is not merely decorative but rather deeply rooted in storytelling. Bards were revered as custodians of wisdom, culture, and spiritual insight…. So I think he meant poetry that is imbued with wisdom, insight, and a sense of the sacred—poetry that speaks to the fundamental truths of human existence and has the potential to awaken humanity to its highest possibilities, poetry direct from the mushroom realms itself. This is what Shonagh does, and is what this interview is about!
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