The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
Truth Beauty and the Good • Episode 25 • Free •
Many are familiar with this phrase but few know its origins, nor do they realize just how bereft our culture is of that depth of knowing today. I asked Steve and Krys Crimi of Logosophia Books, to once again share their depth of knowledge and wisdom with us on this topic. What they share offers a window into the ancient mystery tradition where direct experience through transcendent states ignited the flame that lives within each of us. They speak to the soul-stirring beauty of Islamic art, Plato’s folly in turning the mystery tradition into rationalism, thought vs direct experience, the usurpation of the luminous light of knowing through the theory of relativity, which branched out to art, literature, architecture, and more.
The second hour discusses in greater depth the abstraction of the numinous via intellect rather than inner experience. The conversation goes from polyester to Penn Station, to the light of the heavens flowing into the living experience through such masterpieces as gothic cathedrals, stained glass, and more.
I always feel like I am sitting at the feet of wise elders when I am in conversation with Krys and Steve. I invite you to brew a nice cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable and receive their striking insights and wisdom.
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