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The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
Rune Magic with Tina Kemp • Episode 16 • Free •
For those who are fascinated with Runes I have a special guest for you. I met Tina Kemp through the Women of Wisdom conference where she and I had a discussion on magic and I was so impressed with her wealth of knowledge on the subject. 
In hour 1, Tina discusses the runes, how she came to work with them and what they symbolize. Listening to her I feel like I am sitting with a wise woman from an earlier century, she is steeped in occult lore and practices. 
The second hour explores the subject of magic and the personal responsibility that goes with its practices. Tina offers counsel for those new to its exploration and discusses synchronicity, local spirits and more. She is a treasure!
Tina Kemp’s Youtube channel: 
Tina’s podcast with astrologist, Fiona Aedgar, The No BS Pagan Podcast:
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