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The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
The I Ching for Integration, Healing and Growth with Lakshmi Narayan • Episode 20 • Free •

Lakshmi Narayan has been a decades-long student of the I Ching, the oldest known oracular system that hails from ancient China. It is a system that confers timeless wisdom, and it is as relevant today as it was when it was created. In her effort to support those on a path of healing after an ibogaine journey, (or any other psychedelic) Lakshmi has made available a superb mentorship program titled, Change Your Character. The course consists of nine hexagrams that serve as “a framework and philosophy for change and right-action, and as a way to ground the transformations initiated in the altered state into a new way of being in the world.” The course is a tremendous assist for anyone seeking to develop themselves, whether they work with psychedelics or not, they will gain a deeper understanding of the I Ching.

In addition, Lakshmi is the Creative Director of Awake Media, and President and co-Founder of, a social network for the entheogenic community. She is also the creator of the FEAT program, (the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment) whose mission is to end addiction through ibogaine treatment, and she is producing a film, Iboga Saves that will document the psycho-spiritual healing journey of people going through iboga/ibogaine initiations.

In this episode Lakshmi discusses the I Ching’s extraordinary ability to speak directly to an issue and deliver pertinent counsel to the querent. In the second hour I ask the I Ching a question on how to navigate this time of intense challenge, and its answer is beautifully astute and profound. With Lakshmi’s years of study and understanding, she further elucidates the I Ching’s message, making for a powerfully instructive listen. I am honored to share the wisdom of this very special woman who is steadfastly working to bring healing and spiritual awakening to our world.

Change Your Character : Nine Hexagrams for Rebirth Integration Course

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