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The Great American Eclipse Cycle • Episode 23 • Free •
This is my second time interviewing astrologist, Robert Phoenix, and he did not disappoint. Robert gave his listeners a big head’s up in fall of 2019 that something major and debilitating was coming in 2020. That information inspired me to prepare practically and mentally/emotionally for what was coming and I weathered that storm. We are now two eclipses into a notable eclipse cycle, with the third and final eclipse occurring in April of 2024. The above image is the path of these 3 eclipses happening right on the U.S.A. These particular eclipses mark massive upheaval in this country, rippling outward to the rest of the world.
A maxim of the medieval alchemists states, “As above, so below.” Our night sky has informed humanity for millennia, guiding ships and marking omens and major turning points. In this episode Robert discusses the astrology playing out through these eclipses and the effects that we’ve experienced thus far, and what is a likely scenario for the next few years. Astrology often feels like the script for what plays out here on earth and one can easily understand why kings, queens, presidents and other leaders and influencers have had their astrologists and continue to use them today.
Robert is not an astrologist who sugar-coats, and the information he brings for these next few years is sobering, but as the old saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed” and the practical, grounded side of me wants to know what’s ahead so I can prepare accordingly. Adversity is a great and powerful teacher and our spirit is more ready than many of us realize to greet the challenges with courage and aplomb.
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