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Rak Razam: Psychedelic Elder & Man of Wisdom • Episode 27 • Free •
I had the pleasure of meeting Rak Razam over ten years ago when he interviewed me for his podcast, In A Perfect World. I was taken by his warmth and generous spirit and impressed with his accomplishments in journalism, filmmaking, public speaking, and his intrepid spirit in exploring the psychedelic world. He is an elder voice in the psychedelic community and an inspiring and engaging speaker on the reverent use of these medicines and their potential to assist us in shaping our world for the better.
In the first hour Rak discusses the revolutionary potential of psychedelics, touching on their possible co-opting by those in power who would utilize them as a kind of Soma for the masses. He speaks to the importance of cultivating a relationship with nature to where it is actually felt rather than simply mediated through technology, comparing the modern mindset to that of the traditional healers found in intact indigenous communities. He weaves his words thoughtfully and I know you will appreciate what he has to say.
Hour two continues with more good words of wisdom on opening to a path of expansion, recognizing and responding to the needs of the planet and one’s communities, and so much more. Rak brings so much to the table and I think you will very much enjoy this episode.
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