Patrick MacManaway is a soft-spoken unassuming Scot, and a real-deal, gifted dowser and land-whisperer. In this interview he shares of his upbringing in a family of mediums and healers, and delivers a treasure-trove of wisdom on communicating with the intelligences of the landscape, divination, dowsing, the nature of time, elementals, and the extraordinary power of human love.

In the second hour Patrick shares stories on his successful negotiations with plant spirits, animals, the spirit of water, and the ghostly spirits he has assisted to return “home.” This sounds impossible to many but this is an art that was once commonplace in cultures around the world, and Patrick has had stunning results with his approach. We spend an additional half hour sharing my recent story of the poltergeist that showed up very suddenly in my Vermont cottage. Always good to have a man like Patrick on speed dial!

Life is far more mysterious and wondrous than we know, and it is unique people like Patrick who graciously offer the keys for all who wish to learn.

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