Steve and Krys Crimi run the publishing house, Logosophia Books, and I am honored to be one of their authors. They are wise elders with eyes to see and the wit, heart and wisdom to navigate this reality with clarity. I’ve been listening to them on Robert Phoenix’s Youtube channel, The Friday Farcast, for a number of years. With Robert, they’ve shared their depth of knowledge on subjects such as the esoteric roots of the USA, the work of magician, John Dee, the Frankfurt School, Tavistock, and much more.

In this episode our conversation delves beneath the current media narratives that have many people shaking their heads in incredulity. We discuss Steve’s upcoming book, Hermes Runs the Game, and delve into the Pilgrim Society, Tavistock, the godfather of propaganda, Edward Bernays, the Greek goddess, Metis, Parmenides, the origins of compulsory schooling in the US, and more.

I meet with Steve and Krys once every 6 weeks or so for a “good craic” and time melts into three, sometimes four hours of dynamic conversation. I am thrilled to share these brilliant thinkers with you and I know you will learn much from them. Do check out the excellent titles available on Logosophia Books including Steve’s book, Katabatic Wind, Good Craic Fueled by Fumes from the Abyss, which explores the feminine spirit, sacred geometry and number, and compares western and eastern sacred traditions.

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