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Crowds, Propaganda, State Schooling, Oh MY! • Episode 24 • Free •
 Having read French Sociologist, Gustave Le Bon’s, illuminating book, The Psychology of Crowds, over the summer, I made a note to do an episode on crowd manipulation, the undermining insidiousness of propaganda, and the history of government-run schooling. Not a subject the average person wants to know about and yet each and every one of us continues to be saturated in propaganda and social programming everyday. If we put our heads in the sand on this our social issues will continue unabated. No hero is coming to save us and certainly no president from either wing of that same bird either.
Knowledge is power and those who have the curiosity and mental clarity to study how social manipulation works are able to see the con and avoid its spell. In this episode I will be sharing information that most people have little to no awareness of. Le Bon’s book explains the foundational steps of how control of the masses works, which may sound uncomfortably familiar to those who listen in. The subject of social engineering would be incomplete without discussing that odious character, Edward Bernays, and equally odious, Frederick W. Taylor, the anti-intellectual and hater of the individual and, I’m afraid, one of the architects of compulsory schooling.
The second hour focuses on the Prussian school system, which is the blueprint for compulsory schooling in this country. I share from the esteemed, John Taylor Gatto’s book, The Underground History of American Education, which is absolutely mind-blowing. In order to solve a problem properly we must address its cause. This will give you some food for thought and hopefully some inspiration as well.
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