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The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
A Conversation with Vanese McNeill • Episode 28 • Free •
Happy New Year to you! For this year’s first episode I’m sharing a 2-hour recording from a little podcast my friend, Vanese McNeill, and I set out to do back in 2021, called, The Bright Knowledge. Our schedules, however, did not allow for it but we had two really interesting conversations that were dynamic and fun and I thought that would be a great way to start the year.
The first hour discusses sunlight, light therapy and water and there are some good gems in there to ponder on your health and healing journey. Hour two begins with a poetic transmission Vanese had asked me to share and that got the conversation going where we talked about getting your mind right, working with an archetype for healing, the virus of fear, initiation and more. The sound on my end for this is not great as I was working with a computer that really should have had the heave-ho a couple of years prior. That said, it is a lively discussion and I hope you’ll enjoy it.
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