Visionary Mushroom Practicuum



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The reverent and ritual use of nature’s visionary offerings provides a powerful path to self-knowledge and illumination. “A 12-year apprenticeship to the mycelial teachers has opened gateways into the depths of my soul and connected me to spirit intelligences I would never have dreamed of meeting.” Psilocybin is still sadly illegal in most countries. This course is meant to provide information on this topic for those new to the mushroom or those seeking a deeper understanding. Personal responsibility is essential and the more informed one’s decisions are, the safer one will be.

A comprehensive audio course study consisting of 9 modules covering the following subjects:

Module 1: Psilocybin Overview
Module 2: The Choices
Module 3: Set & Setting/Ritual
Module 4: Spirit Intelligences
Module 5: Interpretation: Symbolism & Alchemy
Module 6: Mediumship
Module 7: Microdosing
Module 8: Self-Care
Module 9: Practical Magic


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