Episode 14
 Seeing Through the Synthetic Portal

June 2nd 2023 • Free First Hour

Jean Marie Guilfoil has had an interesting career that began as a producer of electronic dance music in Australia and moved into Human Resources management with Australia's leading customer service organization, giving her a glimpse into two very diverse industries and how the world is managed. Today,, she resides in Tasmania with her husband where they live a simple life away from the mainstream, and her observations on our current construct are very insightful. 

Jean Marie has managed to spend the majority of her time offline and away from the sticky grasp of the internet. In this conversation we discuss the stealthy seduction of wifi that takes all of us through a black-mirrored portal into a synthetic reality that mesmerizes the mind and captures our precious time. Is this a form of sorcery? Skilled manipulation? An attempt to steer our consciousness? Our conversation will get you thinking. 

In the second hour Jean Marie discusses the overlay of the internet on our natural, divine organic essence, inspiring ways to cultivate personal evolution and health. She is a wealth of intelligence and wisdom and she will give you much food for thought as we navigate this technological construct.  

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Latest Testimonial
for Shonagh's One-On-One Retreats:

I learned about Shonagh's work after experiencing a very challenging mushroom journey i took with a group of friends. The journey took me back to childhood trauma that I had dealt with only superficially. I began searching for someone who was familiar with the mushroom experience and could help me to make sense of what happened to me in my childhood. I found an interview with Shonagh and in listening to her I felt a connection and I knew she would be the one who could help me. My retreat experience with her was absolutely life-changing. I am afraid to be vulnerable but with Shonagh's kindness and motherly manner I felt no judgment and I was able to let go of the armor I covered myself in for the better part of my life. I just knew I could trust her. She helped me to see my past in a whole different way, in a way that was instructional and essential to the life I lead today. 

it was like visiting a magical wise woman who takes you into her world and teaches you things you didn't realize were available. In my journeys with her I felt so safe and so cradled by this woman who never left my side, who held my hand, who softly and gently helped me see what I needed to see, and face what I needed to face and find my way to reconciliation and inner peace, something I have struggled my whole life to attain. I was nurtured in a way I have never experienced and I am stronger for it today. To say simply that I recommend this woman with all my heart somehow doesn't say enough about what is possible in her care. She is one of a kind. 

Allie M., Maryland


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