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Cathy Coyle, Ban Draoi (dree) • Episode 2 • FREE •

Cathy Coyle: Ban Draoi (dree)

by Shonagh Home | The Mushroom's Apprentice, Episode 2 FREE

I have had a number of very special individuals enter my life as a result of my mushroom work and Cathy Coyle is one of them. Grounded and wise, Cathy serves as a Ban Draoi (dree), a Celtic medicine woman. She is part of a long lineage of Irish seer women and holds a connection to the Sidhe and other spirits of nature. In this two-hour conversation Cathy shares candidly her path to where she is today as facilitator, therapist, teacher, priestess, Draoi. Our first hour delves into her early years as a sensitive child raised on old Irish myths and traditions. She shares her first mystical meeting with the Sidhe through the portal of the mushroom and the clinical path that followed until her faerie guides steered her away from a path of convention.

Hour Two begins with Cathy discussing how the shamanic approach complements psychotherapeutic practice. We explore breathwork, oracular practice, herbs and other supports for trance work, light, language and more.

Make yourself a cup of tea and savor Cathy’s stories, experiences, clarity and wisdom in this intimate conversation that covers so many aspects of her path and philosophy as a 21st century Ban Draoi. Learn more at


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