Episode 13
DMSO and Boron: A Healing Goldmine

May19th 2023 • Free First Hour

Food sovereignty and health are dear to my heart. With ever-increasing corporate/government control on our medical and food choices it is incumbent upon us to seek out the most effective ways to achieve and maintain radiant health on every level. You are what you eat. Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are not diseases of aging. They were medical rarities at the turn of the 20th century until the food changed dramatically and soils, plants and livestock became depleted and poisoned by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide, which comes from trees. It was brought to light in the early 60's by Dr Stanley Jacob, MD, who was interviewed on 60 Minutes by Mike Wallace. At the time it was warmly welcomed by the conventional medical community and The New York Times lauded it as "The closest thing to a wonder drug produced in the 1960's." In the first hour I will discuss this potent and 100% safe substance from nature and its efficacy to stop heart attack and stroke, eradicate pain from arthritis, frozen shoulder, injuries and more. DMSO has over 300 applications for healing and yet no one I've spoken to has heard of it. You will not want to miss this critical information on self-healing that actually works and there are over 30,000 medical studies that show its efficacy.

In the second hour I discuss Boron, another powerhouse of healing, and one in which we are all woefully deficient. There is a direct correlation between arthritis, osteoporosis and prostate cancer, and Boron levels in the soils. Don't think that you can just pick up a boron supplement and be good to go. You will likely not receive enough of a dose to eradicate arthritis, reverse osteoporosis, detoxify fluoride from the body and yes, decalcify your pineal. Here, I share information from two brilliant researchers that for some of you may reverse conditions you thought you had to live with indefinitely.

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