Episode 12
A Conversation on Magic and More with Vanese McNeill

May 6th 2023 • Free First Hour

Vanese McNeill is the Executive Producer of the cult classic series, Magical Egypt. In addition she hosts a fascinating podcast where she converses with unique and brilliant thinkers on the subjects of ancient Egypt, magic, consciousness, human potential and more. Her solo podcast talks are not to be missed and she delivers the goods with her insight and wit. She also happens to be a dear friend of mine and I savor every opportunity to sit in conversation with her.

The first hour of our conversation ranges from entities – separate beings or in our head – to the role of will in magic, choosing the wording when conjuring, sovereignty and discernment in magical practice, and more.
The second hour takes an interesting turn beginning with the virtues and the loss of those guiding lights, the danger of emotion overriding discernment, inspiring souls vs saving them, the sorcery program of Sex In the City, the balance of the mystical and the practical, a nod to Ingo Swann, and more. I could talk with Vanese for hours!
To learn more about her work check out: https://www.magicalegypt.com/

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