Episode 10
Magic Mushrooms
The Bad Trip

April 12th 2023 • Free First Hour

I love working with dreams as they reveal so much if we can decipher the symbolism and intuit their messages. Nature and the deep psyche – which is nature – speak in symbol, and a psychedelic mushroom journey is no different. Over the years I’ve helped people interpret and integrate their psychedelic journeys including the “bad trips.” You can’t predict how a journey will go but there is much that can be done to make sure you are safe and comfortable and well-tended. If and when a mushroom journey goes sideways there are many things you can do to recover and begin the process of understanding just what the hell happened.

In the first hour I offer advice on how to prepare for a journey to ensure that even if the journey goes dark we are as safe as we can possibly be. I share a couple of stories of particularly difficult experiences and how I worked with that client to interpret the event. My approach is to key into the symbolic nature of the experience and it is my hope that those interested will have an avenue to better understand their own challenging journey and/or the journeys of others.

Hour 2 begins by delving into a nightmare shared by my late teacher, Dr Brugh Joy, MD, and explores his approach to dream interpretation, which can be used to make sense of a bad or a pleasant journey. I then discuss what to do after a bad trip and I also touch on spirit possession. With psilocybin mushrooms getting so much good press these days there are more people than ever who are availing themselves. It is essential to be as prepared as possible and have all the tools we need to get through it and learn from the experience.

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