Episode 9
Marla Durden, a Bright Light of Wisdom

March 23 2023 • Free First Hour

Marla Durden is one of those people I could talk with for hours. From an early age she became aware of subtle energy and has been studying it ever since. From hands-on healing to dowsing to BioGeometry, she has accrued a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. She teaches and leads groups and runs a psycho-spiritual mentoring practice in Seattle. She is also quite familiar with the mushroom spirits and we begin the first hour discussing her connection with those teachers, and Marla has a lot to say on that subject. The conversation weaves into the topic of BioGeometry, which is about creating an energetic field through geometry “on steroids” to quote Marla.
In her work Marla has encountered entity possession and in the second hour I had her share her experience and knowledge on that subject. We also discuss magic, manifesting and the power of the mind, high frequency nutrition, Ormus, Rene Quinton’s sea plasma, and more. Marla is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and this 2-hour conversation with her is time very well spent!
To learn more about Marla check out her website: https://modernrootwoman.com/
Contact Marla here: modernrootwoman@gmail.com

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