The Faerie: Episode 7 • Full •

The Faerie: Episode 7 • Free •

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The Faerie: Episode 7 • Free •
My connection to the faerie goes all the way back to my childhood. They are old friends to many of us and still active on the earthly plane. In the first hour of this episode I discuss the different races of faerie and share a number of compelling stories told by Celtic people through the ages. I share poetry by Yeats and Sir Walter Scott, and share excerpts from the writings of folklorists, Katherine Mary Briggs, and W.Y. Evans Wentz, as a way to bring dignity and relevance to the indigenous faerie faith of the Celts.
The second hour, which is for my subscribers, delves deeper into the Sidhe (Irish word for faerie). I begin with an explanation of the image you see above by artist, Celtic Revivalist and symbolist, John Duncan, titled, Riders of the Sidhe. I offer ways in which to prepare the ground of one’s mind to connect with these beings and I share the encoded poetic transmission, Stone Circle Whispers, as a key to link oneself to this ancient faerie race. I have also included a separate guided journey with channeled poetry as an activating portal to connect with the Sidhe.

Riders of the Sidhe by John Duncan (1911)

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