Maxims and Law for True Empowerment • Episode 4 • Free •

Maxims and Law for True Empowerment • Episode 4 • Free •

The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
Maxims and Law for True Empowerment • Episode 4 • Free •

The ancient Druids and other initiates of the mysteries were fluent in the subject of law. For myself, it was a mushroom journey that set me on the path of learning what I have discovered to be a most potent spiritual study, for Natural Law is spiritual in nature.

In the first hour of Episode 4, I will discuss some essential maxims that once learned, will confer true empowerment. ‘*Knowledge is power’* as the saying goes, and these timeless principles serve us as effectively today as they did ten thousand years ago because human nature hasn’t changed. These maxims should be taught to every schoolchild and yet hardly anyone has ever heard of them. They are an essential navigation tool for life and it behooves us to familiarize ourselves and learn how to apply them.

Hour two is a deep dive into public and private, the role of God and goddess in law, the money system, and finally, Equity, which provides a dearly-needed remedy for many as our system continues to implode. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The reclaiming of this knowledge will serve to restore reason, sanity and goodwill on every level.


I am speaking at the Magical Egypt symposium, titled,
Women of Wisdom: A Celebration of the Immaterial
(Adjusted Date): Weekend of January 19th
The cost of the symposium is $99 when using my name, SHONAGH. Here is the
link and I hope you will join us!

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