John Willmott: A Bard In the Woods • Episode 15 • Full •

John Willmott: A Bard In the Woods • Episode 15 • Free •

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John Willmott: A Bard In the Woods • Episode 15 • Free •

For two years in a row I had the great privilege and pleasure to pair up with poet and forest bard, John Willmott, to co-lead a tour on the northwest coast of Ireland through County Sligo, home to several megalithic sites, the lush forest of Hazelwood by Lough Gill, and abundant breathtaking scenery. John is a unique soul who as a child was dowsing maps and drawing astrology charts before the age of 8. He’s held a strong tie to the natural world that began as a wee boy and continues to this day. 

In the first hour John discusses Ogham, popularly known as the Celtic tree alphabet. His approach centers on feeling rather than intellectualizing the symbols or “prompts” as he calls them. In an age where we are barraged with data, his approach invites us to turn on our natural senses and set aside linear language to better understand the potency of these symbols. 

In the second hour John discusses Brighid’s origins and her powerful, inspiring influence on the Irish people, particularly women. The conversation turns to the Sidhe, (pronounced “shee,” which is the Irish word for faerie), and his take on that magical race is quite interesting. 

 I highly recommend giving a listen to this humble man who holds so much knowledge and life experience. He has much to teach us and he is part of a shrinking breed of storytellers and poets who were once cherished by people everywhere. 

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