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Robert Phoenix: Astrology and the Next Few Years • Episode 5 • Free •

Astrology has been a powerful component in my retreats because of its extraordinary ability to reveal the inner workings of the persona. It provides a deeper understanding of the self and offers a hugely helpful head’s up for how to navigate the changing tides of worldly life.

Robert Phoenix is an astrologer par excellence, who has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the deeper layers at work on the world stage through the lens of astrology. He predicted the extraordinary upheaval of 2020 in mid-2019, which gave me the mental/emotional preparation I needed to navigate that year and beyond. His individual readings are highly astute and thorough, and have been a great help to me and others who have sought him out.

In this interview Robert begins by discussing the arc of how he found his way to his profession, beautifully illustrating how destiny forms through the winding path of our lives. He delves into the role of Saturn, the stern, planetary influence that is so prevalent today, and explains how to work with that essential, disciplining force. The second hour is a deep dive into the planetary influences for 2023 up to 2030, providing notice on the coming potential events and how to intelligently ride these powerful and world-changing energies. In this way, we are prepared mentally and emotionally to rise to the enormous opportunities these times afford us.


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