Love and Spirit Medicine


Love and Spirit Medicine chronicles Shonagh’s mystical journey through the end of her marriage into a focused, shamanic exploration of entheogenic mushrooms. This became a monthly call for twelve months, to where she engaged the mushroom teachers primarily outside in the dark of night. During that time, a love relationship unfolded that catalyzed a dark night of the soul, initiating much needed inner growth and change. It was through her mushroom journeys that she discovered a well of resources as she developed a relationship with the mushroom teachers. Her reverent, ceremonial use of the mushrooms forged a powerful path in her spiritual exploration. Each journey brought Shonagh into connection with tutelary spirits, whether they were the elemental spirits of nature, or celestial beings, they proffered insight and wisdom that fueled her growth and healed a deep inner wound. The result was a newfound appreciation of her own mystery and the great mystery that is nature and its infinite intelligence. This is a raw, vulnerable woman’s telling that explores both shadow and light, and the magical realms of the mushroom teachers.


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