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This podcast will focus on magical and medicinal mushrooms as well as the subjects I have been guided to study via my journeys with the mushroom teachers  –  Natural and Equity Law, Logic and Reason via the Trivium and the Logical Fallacies, suppressed and so-called, “alternative” healing modalities and the ancestral wisdom that follows Nature’s Laws. This is my portal through which I will share the knowledge and wisdom I have accrued over these past 12 years as an apprentice to the mushroom teachers. I hope there will be some gems here for you to discover.

Veda Austin: Water As Healer • Episode 31 • Free •

New Video Series on Wisdom Teachings

I’ve recently begun a little series of short videos sharing accrued wisdom over the years. In this series I’ll discuss various maxims of law, traditional counsel, advice, etc. The vids are short and to the point and it is my hope they will uplift and inspire. Please consider subscribing to my channel and if you hit “like” it helps with the algorithms, which are a great mystery to me!
Here is the first video in the series:
As A Thing is Bound So it is Unbound.


Shamanic Poetry

The reciting of poetic prose while in high trance states is an ancient form of shamanic practice. The oracles of the Greek temples prophesied and counseled in poetry and many medicine men and women such as the Mazatec and the Maya, spoke poetically while under the influence of mushrooms or other entheogenic substances.

Logic & Reason

Logic is the use of critical thinking to evaluate information, arguments and reasoning. There are principles and criteria such as the Trivium and the Logical Fallacies that provide the foundation for clear, critical thinking. In this way we are able to separate truth from falsehood and reason from unreason. 

Natural & Equity Law

Natural Law is a body of unwritten, universal and spiritual Laws that are intuitive and knowable by simple observation, reason, common sense and deduction. "By your actions, ye shall be known." 'Equity is the unwritten law founded in justice and fair-dealing, which seeks a more adequate remedy than available at common law. A maxim of Equity states: Law is nothing without Equity and Equity is everything, even without the Law. 

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