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Herbal Support for the Mushroom Journey and Beyond: An Interview with Rebecca Presnall, Master Herbalist • Episode 6 • Free •
I have always taken good care of my body with exercise and good food. When I began exploring the mushroom realms at the age of 48, I realized immediately how important it was to have a strong healthy body, as nature’s entheogenic plants and fungi can take a lot out of the body. There is much talk about “set and setting” with regard to psychedelics but little in the way of how to prepare and support the body with herbs and other foods.
Rebecca Rozelle Presnall  is a master herbalist, practitioner, and teacher. I have known her for several years and her depth of herbal knowledge and application is just incredible. In the first half of this episode Rebecca shares her journey into the role of herbalist, and lays the base of foundational herbal infusions that will support the body on many levels, including a mushroom journey. In the second hour Rebecca discusses the use of herbs in ritual settings for protection and support. She has great wisdom and experience on these matters and listening to her is time truly well spent.
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