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The Mushroom's Apprentice FREE
Bernhard Reicher: Magic and the Imagination • Episode 37 • Free •
I discovered Bernhard’s work via the Magical Egypt podcast ( ) and promptly signed up for his Magical Castle experience, which was so palpable and stirring that I continue to work with it today. Bernhard is an occultist, animist, storyteller, and founder of Magieschule / Magic School, founded in 2018, where he teaches magic in online courses and live seminars. Bernhard is all about the training of the imagination, the inner realm, to affect the outer realm. In our modern culture the imagination is dismissed and diminished, so I find this to be not only refreshing but highly important in terms of the infinite possibility imaginal work holds. Bernhard is one of the nicest, most approachable people you could meet and I just knew I had to share him with you.
In the first hour Bernhard shares about his family background and how he came into the fascinating work he does today. He touches on his relationship to the Lord of the Forest, Cernunnos/Pan, and shares about a highly challenging, wrenching experience he had with Iboga. The second hour explores the training of the imagination, mediumship, his school, and so much more. Good stuff here for those of you who know darn well there is far more to this reality than meets the eye.
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