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I am an independent thinker and ever curious about the deeper layers of reality. I dig beneath the surface story in an effort to see the bigger picture and gain a greater understanding while utilizing my intuition and insight. I find the psyche endlessly fascinating and I am in awe of its great depth and mystery. I love to learn and have been an autodidact for the greater part of my life. My favorite saying goes, “Every man has two educations. The first he is given. The second, more important, he gives to himself.” I thoroughly enjoy showering clients and loved ones with helpful wisdom, compassion, humor and nurturing. I am a mother of two awesome daughters and a lifelong, passionate student of the mystery.

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My one-on-one retreat work with clients is probing and revelatory and ultimately life-renovating. I am able to zero in on the origination point of the issue very quickly, and can pinpoint shadow aspects, which results in greater clarity, self-knowledge and healing. My client work is influenced by the superb teachers I’ve worked with, particularly Dr Brugh Joy, MD, who introduced me to the work of Jung, Edinger, and Marie Louise Von Franz, who I continue to study today. I also include the use of the iChing, Tarot, and Astrology as a way to access timeless wisdom and to better understand the great mystery of the individual I am assisting.

Client Testimonials

Shonagh has a wide variety of modalities to draw from and a deeply intuitive sensitivity that will begin to deconstruct the obstacles that are standing in the way of your true self-expression. Whether these obstacles are the applied cultural standards, childhood or intergenerational trauma, depression, anxiety…all of this with a genuine, loving and compassionate desire to have her clients recognize and reclaim their power and align that power with personal responsibility, reestablishing one’s original moral imperative.

Shonagh witnesses in neutrality, holding space with love and acceptance without judgment, or as a corrective prescription, allowing you to see yourself, maybe for the first time as NOT broken.

I have spent approximately 10 years reading books, listening to podcasts, going to seminars and gathering information as it appears. Working with Shonagh has provided a quantum leap forward in personal progress. When I feel that I have personally integrated this retreat process I will return for another.
~James C., New York

Several months ago, I sought Shonagh out because I was in transition and wanted guidance in moving forward in creating something new in my life, especially in my work. I have been a couple’s therapist for 35 years and a new calling has been “flirting” with me for a long time. So many fears and negative thoughts have stopped me from changing what has been a very successful career for me. What has helped me so much in my work with Shonagh is her capacity to see the bigger picture and to mirror back my higher soul purpose and the strength she sees in me. Shonagh’s heart and creativity are her best assets as well as her ability to connect to transpersonal energies that are always there to help us. When you get stuck in your limitations and programming, Shonagh is there so open you to a wider perspective. Thank you, dear sister!
~Martha L. LCSW, Darien, CT

My experiences with Shonagh are almost impossible to sum up in words, as every moment spent with her was profound, healing and overall quite serendipitous. I came to Shonagh to seek healing and reassurance in my battle against cancer, and what I received was a shift in spirit that I don’t think anyone could ever have anticipated. Through her attentiveness, healing therapies and generous heart, Shonagh helped me transform from an empty shell to a conscious being. Shonagh’s comforting presence and patience enabled me to give my soul a voice, and when the words finally erupted from my core I experienced what I consider to be a break-through moment. I was fortunate to spend weeks working with Shonagh, and while I still have the cancer inside my body, I can say that spiritually, mentally and emotionally, this outstanding woman brought healing to my life on levels that are far deeper and more relevant than any conventional treatment could have ever provided. I have a newfound strength that is fearless, and when stress, challenges and obstacles come my way I return to those moments with her and give any negative emotions I have, a voice. I encourage you to introduce yourself to her, whether it is for shamanic therapy, or to simply be close to someone who is radiant and full of life. Shonagh, my love and appreciation for you grows by the day and I think of you often. Thank you for coming into my journey and for reminding me that I am Love and I am Loved. You are a gift!
~Jennifer J., Phoenix, AZ

Shonagh, I can’t thank you enough for restoring my mental health! For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to the future! I have learned more about my self in the five days with you than I have in my whole lifetime!! I am also excited to continue learning whatever the Ancient Ones want to reveal to me! Give your sweet kitties a hug from me!
~Lauren, Minnesota


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