Episode 34
Alanna Moore on the Invisible Dimensions

April 5th 2024 • Free First Hour

Alanna Moore is an experienced geomancer, specializing in correcting geopathic stress created by underground streams and lines of magnetic energy. She is also a "sensitive" and communicates with spirits both human and of nature. She has authored 11 books, her latest, titled, Fairy Haunts of Ireland: A Guide to Magical, Uplifting and Supernatural Sites for Accessing the Ancient Spiritual Heritage of Ireland and Participating in her Ever-Luminous Otherworld Continuum.
In the first hour Alanna shares how she came into the art of dowsing and later founded Geomantica, the influential magazine on natural living, eco-awareness and psychic development through dowsing. She discusses the "yin" energies of the earth, the aboriginal people of Australia where she once lived, nature spirits, faerie haunts of Ireland, dowsing as communication system with the spirits of place, and more. 
In the second hour Alanna focuses on the effects of electromagnetic radiation from wifi, cellphones, towers, etc. and offers ways to counter it. She is "electro-sensitive" and has researched extensively on the subject, providing an informed viewpoint on this very important issue. 
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I Was Recently Interviewed....
I was just interviewed by Sandie Sedgbeer on ten spiritual books that impacted my life, which was a great assignment. I also spoke to my apprenticeship to the mushroom teachers and my new book.
My New Book, 
Poetic Whispers from the Cauldron of the Otherworld
officially launches April 10th!
It is available in paperback as well as a special edition hardcover with color images that is absolutely beautiful. Please support small publishers and order direct from https://logosophiabooks.com/

                   Praise for Poetic Whispers 

Shonagh’s writing is enchanted and mystical and will leave the reader inspired. She introduces us to the beauty of Celtic folklore and takes us on a traverse through the magical world of the Faerie realm. The wisdom of the mushroom teachers comes through her poetry with breathtaking clarity to share their message with us. Shonagh’s personal story reveals the inner guidance that led her to a place of mystery and beauty, grounded in the realty of the everyday world that surrounds us with its industrial and technological challenges. She invites us in a powerful voice to return to the wisdom of Nature, reestablish right relationship, and live in harmony with Life. To be immersed in the world Shonagh shares with us is a rare gift. Thank you!
– Dr. Tom Garcia, Psychedelic Guide and Integration Coach 


This book is a beautiful balance of treats and nourishment for both the analytical left brain and the lyrical right brain. Shonagh builds a container from historical research of Faery lore that perfectly holds the magic of the poetic transmissions. Be warned, this magic is contagious! After reading a while you may find yourself speaking in rhyme as well: 
In these pages magic lies 
Deep and true and pure and wide 
Dive within, you’ll be pleased 
With the blessings you’ll receive…
– Lindsey Swope, Executive Director, Gaian Fairy Congress

A LIVE 12-week Course Beginning April 22nd - July 8th
Cost: $555 
This course consists of 12 modules that begin by exploring these powerful inner Cauldrons and how to activate them. The practice of Trance States is explored and established for access to the Otherworld, as is allyship with specific plants and trees, serving as a portal to the teaching spirits of Nature and as well, a path of respectful stewardship of our own physical body/vessel/cauldron. We will peek into the ancient seer poet practices of Imbas Forosna, which is the unveiling of what the poet seeks to know. Teinm Laegda, which means to crack open or gnaw at the pith or the poem, and Dichetul Do Chennaib, which speaks to the whorls on the fingers and their use in invocation, spells and psychometry. 
Daily journaling enhances the inner dialogue of self with Spirit through automatic writing. An activating ritual and a series of questions will be given each week to move you deeper into the welcoming arms of the Otherworld Teachers. 
A 30-minute private session with Shonagh is included. 
Use this LINK for more information. 

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