The Three Cauldrons of Poetry
 A LIVE 12-week Course Beginning April 22nd - July 8th
Cost: $555   Early Bird Registration by Mach 31st - $465

The ancient Celts spoke of three cauldrons that were found within the body and warmed by three fires. These cauldrons were activated in the training of the seer poets of Old Ireland to bring forth stirring works of poetry and magical ability. In this course we will enter into relationship with the multi-dimensional aspects of Self and our connection to Otherworld Teachers and Guides. As well, we will open ourselves to the mantic arts of poetic expression through various states of being.

‚ÄčThe course consists of 12 modules that begin by exploring these powerful inner Cauldrons and how to activate them. The practice of Trance States is explored and established for access to the Otherworld, as is allyship with specific plants and trees, serving as a portal to the teaching spirits of Nature and as well, a path of respectful stewardship of our own physical body/vessel/cauldron. We will peek into the ancient seer poet practices of Imbas Forosna, which is the unveiling of what the poet seeks to know. Teinm Laegda, which means to crack open or gnaw at the pith or the poem, and Dichetul Do Chennaib, which speaks to the whorls on the fingers and their use in invocation, spells and psychometry.

Daily journaling enhances the inner dialogue of self with Spirit through automatic writing. An activating ritual and a series of questions will be given each week to move you deeper into the welcoming arms of the Otherworld Teachers.

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