Episode 29
A Psychedelic Facilitator with Heart and Wisdom

January 19th 2024 • Free First Hour

I first heard from Aaron Donne early last year when he contacted me and we've since had some very deep conversations on the power of the mushroom to heal, and what it means to make that experience available for others. I was struck by his maturity, knowledge and depth of wisdom so of course I asked him if he would be amenable to being interviewed, and lucky for all of us, he agreed. 
In the first hour Aaron tells how he came to work with the mushroom, sharing a poignant and touching story of an epiphany he experienced while in military school. He goes on to discuss his work and approach, and I think you'll find what he shares to be incredibly inspiring. In the second hour he discusses his facilitation practice as well as the body-work he does, which comes from an ancient practice using bundles of twigs on the body to stimulate circulation and healing. As well, he shares inspiring stories of experiences working with people with this incredible medicine. I could listen to this kind man for hours.
Enjoy this conversation! 
Aaron's article for Psymposia; 
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New Video Series on Wisdom Teachings
I've recently begun a little series of short videos sharing accrued wisdom over the years. In this series I'll discuss various maxims of law, traditional counsel, advice, etc. The vids are short and to the point and it is my hope they will uplift and inspire. Please consider subscribing to my channel and if you hit "like" it helps with the algorithms, which are a great mystery to me! 
Here is the first video in the series:
As A Thing is Bound So it is Unbound. 

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