Episode 26
Ibogaine for Addiction and Psycho-Spiritual Transformation

December 8, 2023 • Free First Hour

I am honored to introduce you to Richie Ogulnick, who has dedicated his life to helping people heal with Ibogaine. Very few people realize there is a natural cure for opioid addiction and other addictions like alcohol, cocaine, kratom, fentanyl, etc. Ibogaine has also helped many people who suffer from PTSD, depression, and a host of other challenges. It is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound found in the root bark of the Tabernanthe iboga, a shrub native to Central and West Africa. 
Richie has been working with Ibogaine for almost 30 years and has much to share on the subject. In the first hour he begins by explaining the difference between Ibogaine and Iboga, then shares how he came to into connection with this powerful medicine and how it is used. 
Hour two discusses the precautions as there are contraindications, and specific health requirements must be met in order to safely use Ibogaine. With his depth of experience I asked Richie to share stories of his work with people over the years, which was hugely educational and gave me great hope for the future. Truly, nature in her genius has the cure for every ill. Please share this episode with anyone you know who suffers from addiction, PTSD, depression, etc. This man is a national treasure! 
Richie's Cell: 352-519-6181 
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4th Annual Gaian Congress ONLINE
My Interview by Lesley Swope
of the Gaian Fairy Congress
Join me at the 4th Annual Gaian Congress annual event where all manner of spiritual beings connect and unite to co-create a better world. Based on over two decades of connection and co-creation with Spiritual Allies.
When: January 19-21, 2024
We gather LIVE, in real time, and although we are not together in physical space, the ability to see and hear each other does a remarkable job in weaving a strong energetic container for deeply transformative experiences. In gathering together, we create a powerful field which amplifies our abilities and sensitivities, building a stronger bridge across the dimensions.  This creates a more expansive connection and enables us to be more effective allies in co-creating with the Subtle realms. 
There are many online summits these days, each one with hours and hours of content, the Congress is about EXPERIENCE with the power to TRANSFORM, rather than content.

Visit www.gaiancongress.org for full schedule and presenter list! 

If you register before December 15th you receive access to two additional VIB sessions (VIB = Very Important Being), one before the main event in which we will do an energy clearing of our homes to support our fullest expansion during the weekend, and another gathering after the event to help ground and integrate the experiences of the weekend. (see the schedule page for details)
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Receive access to recordings of four prior workshop presenters, chosen because we found them to be particularly inspiring, healing and informative: 
- William Bloom: Nature Spirits, Archetypes and Angels – Healing Gaia and Humanity
- Barbara Thomas: Healing Burned Woman
-Patrick MacManaway: Stories from Farmlands - Human/Nature Healings
-Susan Raven: Communicating with the Elemental Kingdom
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