Episode 18
 Thomas Sheridan:           Unabashed          Candor & Wisdom

August 4th 2023 • Free First Hour

Thomas Sheridan is the kind of guy who tells it straight, weaving humor and searing insight through his monologues, books and podcast. I met him in Ireland after one of my tour participants purchased his books and told me I must find him and introduce myself. Of course I did, and I am so very glad to know this bold, brash and highly intelligent man. Thomas' knowledge of folklore, magic, psychology and the ways of the world at large, makes for a thought-provoking, inspiring and candid conversation.

Hour One explores the past three years of lockdown and fear through a magical lens. Thomas touches on the stupidity of cursing, propaganda and psychological manipulation as dark sorcery, outwitting A.I algorithms, defensive spell-casting, and so much more. His candor is a breath of fresh air in this time of cancel-culture absurdity. 
Hour Two delivers gold in the first ten minutes when Thomas speaks to empowering oneself magically and we continue from there into magic to dispel fear,  recognizing cons, Lovecraftian interdimensional predation, Lord of the Rings as the European bible, and more.
Thomas Sheridan
Beyond Room 313
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JOIN ME for the
October 14-16, Kerrville, Texas
I have been asked to speak at astrologist, Robert Phoenix's, annual gathering in the Hill Country of Texas where I'll be giving a presentation on the power of will in conjuring consciously. This year his event occurs during the solar eclipse, the second in a series of three major eclipses (2017, 2023 and 2024), which will be happening directly above the Hill Country. We'll be staying for three days and three nights at the Inn of the Hills in Kerrville, Texas, and there are just a few rooms available, as surrounding hotels are sold out for the eclipse. Robert will give a presentation on the three eclipses, whose influence will change the nature of the United States and with it, the rest of the world. 
I'll be giving a second presentation Sunday on how to keep our body in top health through these changing times. Other talks on the theme of health and wellness will focus on Human Design and Tremor Release Therapy.
This gathering attracts a dynamic, lively crowd of awake and aware people so if you are called to join us use this link to learn more:  https://robertphoenix.com/harvestmoon-2022/

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