Episode 17
 Medicinal Mushrooms: Nature's Miracle Workers

July 21st 2023 • Free First Hour

This next episode highlights one of Nature's most extraordinary gifts to this world - medicinal mushrooms. I've taken them in dual extract form for years and have always known they are medicinal but doing the deeper research has blown my mind. 

In hours 1 and 2 I will share with you the most wondrous benefits of a number of medicinal mushrooms and in hour 2 I'll discuss spagyrics, tincturing and more. Nature has a cure and a solution for everything and by the way, so does our body, which is earth - if we avail ourselves of what nature offers. That includes aligning with her cycles. She is both a kindly and fierce mother, teacher and mentor. 
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Latest Testimonial
for Shonagh's One-On-One Retreats:
I was introduced to Shonagh Home through the Magical Egypt podcast, and after listening to her experience with the mushroom, I knew that I needed to schedule a retreat with her.  
I had an intensely abusive childhood that consisted of physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual abuse. This left me with a diagnosis of C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Throughout my adulthood I have struggled to find the right therapy/ medicine, and traditional western therapy came up short.  My coping mechanism became a scorching case of hyper-responsibility, where I prioritized everyone and everything else ahead of myself.
My refuge was my relationship with plants, animals, and an intense study in esoteric philosophy. In my early forties, I stumbled upon the mushroom and its call was undeniable.  
Some wounds need tending by someone who has not only walked the path, but has dedicated their life to service in helping their fellow man. That is what I experienced in my retreat with Shonagh.  Maybe the only week in my entire life that was dedicated fully to me.  No responsibilities, no making sure everyone else was taken care of, no distractions.  Only myself, my guide, and the medicine.  This was exactly the space I needed to heal, have a chance to ponder my own life & purpose, and re-prioritize my future.  With Shonagh's sage wisdom and intuitive guidance throughout my journeys & integration, and her warm attentiveness, I felt wrapped in love.  
I knew that my future somehow lay in this sacred work as well.  I just couldn't formulate a complete vision without a break from my current circumstances.  We sat at her kitchen table eating her wonderfully crafted meals, and I was finally able to get very clear on that vision with her assistance.
Middle age often means crisis, but to paraphrase Brene Brown, in actuality it is the universes' call to action to use the gifts you have been given. I needed space to get clarity, healing, and a full knowingness of exactly how to start doing that. I am well on my way as a result of the time spent with Shonagh.  Stay tuned. 
Gianna L., Colorado

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